The weekly purchases! 2!

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So I haven’t blogged in a while!
But yet I have not been able to go on my massive spend up, due to, lets say time and friendship circumstances.
But I've been purchasing never the less! So here are a few bits I’ve given a home to lately. Most has come from River Island, as i am there every weekend! i feel obligated to buy certain items!

Red triple layer long sleeve grandad top  RiverIsland £19.99  

Grey varsity casual jacket RiverIsland £49.99

 Red check shirt £29.99

  Sale item Riverisland £7!

 RiverIsland Boots! £79.99
Everyone knows I have a boot fetish, i own 7 pairs now! I did'nt need another! but these were fualty! as staff we have the oppertunity to buy fualty items at 75% of! the zip was broken! ...i say was! so i snacthed them at £20!

 High Tops Hype! RiverIsland £44.99

RiverIsland Slip on Boot/Shoes! had my eye on them, they were £40 in sale, then we decided to do a 50% drop on all sale marked items and they were mine for £20 bargin!


 Another Thick Knit for winter! £14.99 from Beyond Retro!

 Thats all for now kids!

The weekly purchases!

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I seem to buy clothing or an item of some sort (not always clothing sometimes random things) a week…who doesn’t,

Working in retail however I seem to buy more then I earn. I never actually get to wear so many of my clothes because I’m always at work earning money for clothes! it’s a catch 22!

Working for river island, so many of my items come from there, I do try and shop about and adventure to shopping central “the west end” when I get a spare bit of time…..but agene I’m drawn to river island, could it be the 30% discount I receive? Or just I feel the fits, designs and quality are some of the best on the high street.

So I have decided to post about my buys

So here’s my weekly purchases! I was naughty and bought more then I should have considering I plan on going on a “mega spend” when my friend Johnny returns from his home town Newcastle!

At the moment I defiantly have a trouser fetish! Maybe it’s the old age getting to me! (over reacting-I’m 20) how do I eat mine? With boots!

Check these high waist , low crutched  and guerrilla leg fitted River Island trousers I picked up! £29.99 and when I get my discount £21.29.………….BARGIN!

Black and Cream Laddered knitwear.
I have yet decided how to wear these items. They are the type of garments that need a lot of consideration and outfit planning. I do want to pair them with boots, however where they do fit loosely and low, me being a high maintenance boy, I would rather not risk being mistaken for the opposite sex (which has happened in the past, twice). £24.99

Cowl neck
There in, throw on, easy to dress and like there ancestors, the roll neck, are an overall instant style tranformation item. River Island - Black £29.99 Grey £21.99

Casual Shirt with shearling collar and elbow patches.
For a university project, I recently stated how shearling fur would be a key fashion element this autumn. I was correct. I’m not a fan of using furs for fashion, glad its fake. I had to have this shirt, huge fan of elbow patches! £29.99 River Island

High tops/Ankle trainer.
High tops are a key trend this fall! the bulky trainer with an over sized tongue has made a comeback over recent years. I had to go one step further and invested in these….what I will call “Ankle Tops!” River island £39.99

All of the above are purchases from (visit the website or check in store!)

For more from River Island including all the trends, celeb style, latest news and events, visit the blog site Style Insider

Short Sleeve Cowl Necks
 Agene a quick and easy throw on top, that can be dressed for ether a casual or smarter look. I purchased all 3 colours from TopMan at £16 each, on student discount £12.50 each! Who doesn’t love being a student.

Desert boot trainers!
The iconic British desert boot design, has now been transformed into a trainer. I recently purchased a Fred Perry Pair in navy blue as shown from Shoe at £59.99, then found a cheaper version in Topman! At a steal of £29.99. The simple lace-up and signature crepe sole are instantly attributable to this popular design from the 50s. I will be doing a blog on the desert boot shortly as they have made a huge come back and are a vital item to have for autumn 10



Retro Inspired Chunky Christmas Jumpers/ Nerd jumpers
  A great tacky look to have for the colder season! If your brave enough to pull them of that is! chunky thick knit with ribbed arms, hem, neck and cuffs and will be sure to keep you warm during the winter. Here’s the first addition to my wardrobe which cost me only £18 from “Beyond Retro”, a Swedish vintage store chain.

Thats all for this weeks purchases, Thanks and hope you enjoyed the read - Jenks

The Start Of Blogs!

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Hello! I’m jenks and welcome to my blog “being.jenks”
I am new to blogging! I’ve been meaning to start for over a year now!

As a start to the blog and a slight introduction I will post about me!
Just a brief who am I……….

My name is George Jenkins, but call me jenks.

I hate writing about myself. Not because I have nothing to talk about, more for the simple reason that when you’re writing about yourself you can come across one of two ways:

  • One: you can write so much whilst typing the reader presumes you  have your legs behind your head,  as a cat would, rimming yourself
  • Two: if you don’t write enough, you appear lazy or boring and in that case, why have a blog?

So I will write a brief who I am (which is what I’m doing) however my friend Murra when explaining “I hate writing about myself” decided to give his opinion on me, which I will post, because to be quite frank, it’s the nicest thing anyone has said about me!

I’m an F.D.S.P student. For those not in the know it stands for fashion design, styling and promotion.
But as a designer I feel (without my head expanding) that I’m so much more then fashion.

I’m what I like to call a designers designer. I live and breath all forms of art and design!
I completed an Art A level then moved on to study a Graphics ND, both of which I loved!
Now at present I’m in fashion! My dream would be to work as an art director for a magazine like ID or Dazed and Confused.

One day I’ll conjure up an image of a dress in my mind, hear a song and be directing the music video, it’s the great gift of imagination (and I have as much as a kid at Christmas) I can sit on the bus and constantly watch buildings; moulding what or how I would have done them, watch people, not in the perverted way, but just fascinated by what and how they wear their clothes.

I have a love for tattoos, people, clothes, art, animals… that’s me! Loud but shy at times; emotional but strong inside; hard faced but kind hearted; rude but with caring honesty, but most of all rebellious with a whole ‘fuck it’ attitude towards life

Here’s my friend’s nicely written description of me

“George is a live wire, runs faster than most can keep up with. He's a constant buzz of energy with a keen eye for design and style. He's like an electrical storm, visibly you see one thing but once the storm starts, his true beauty and remarkable potential is dazzling”

Nice huh?

So yeah,  I will blog mainly about design, fashion and art. However there may be the most random instalments at times! But then again it’s my blog! So why not? When it comes to fashion I will try and stay along the lines of menswear which I feel is a good thing, there never seems to be enough male fashion related subjects and articles! Being male I aim to change that! There will be times I will drift onto women’s clothes and looks, but I aim to stay male orientated! Just hope its worth a read and feed back would be appreciated.

Thanks! Peace out A town down, NUFF LUV - Jenks

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